The Tree of Life

Welcome to the new home of the mundane life of Abby!

There is this tree outside my apartment complex… I’m naming it the tree of life.

An ordinary tree, but once you get closer, its not so ordinary anymore….

This is a horse head.  It appeared in this tree’s perfect alcove one week ago. And it is still there. I wonder if anyone has even actually seen it besides me. But for my sake, I hope he stays there forever.

Who was the hilarious soul who would conjure such a great idea???? How about the girl with the totally innocent face above. Sometimes I like to think that I’m funny.


4 thoughts on “The Tree of Life

  1. yayy! first comment!
    you are a freak. but i love it. && am glad you finally put something in that hole…ummm yeah [TWSS]

  2. Oh we all now you only switched to WordPress because your awesomely talented friend can develop and design cool things for it.

    Ps we should co-blog together on a special blog called Not Too Shabby. 🙂

  3. Best Tree of Life: Tree in Draper Park in Utah
    2nd Best Tree of Life: tile work over my stove!

    Horse is good but I think you should switch it out with something new each week!

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