Party Hardy

So last night the roomies and I threw another dessert party… here’s some of the food fare

Oreo Cake Balls

the best sugar cookies in the world

It was a total bro fest… meaning the guy to girl ratio was serious off kilter, so what who cares? Throwing a dessert party might have not been the best idea after all though, I was up till 2 am finishing a paper, and woke up this morning to my lovely roommate Liz knocking on my door asking if I was going to class. My clock said 8:23, I usually leave to walk to campus at 8:30. My paper was due at the beginning of class at 9:00 am sharp. Needless to say I was ready in 10 minutes and out the door. The worst part of this is that I am on campus today until 6:30 pm, and I definitely look like i got ready in 10 minutes. The prices you pay to be a party hostess.


4 thoughts on “Party Hardy

  1. such cute treats! i was so sad i was out of town and had to miss it!
    annnd i love your blog and will probably start stalking it right now. fyi.

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