Finals Week

Its that time of year again, where I have procrastinated pretty much everything imaginable and left a semester’s worth of knowledge to learn in just a few hours. I saw it coming, and the good news is that it is almost over! This post is gonna be totally random but just go with me.

I’ve been eating this little concoction for the past two days, and it wasn’t until my roommates were eying me down as I made it last night that I though it might not be a normal thing to eat.

Ok… these morning star  veggie burgers are sooooo good. And also are pretty much my only source of protein. I usually put them in a wrap or on a sandwich thin, but I had a lot of lettuce in my fridge and wanted to use more of it, so I thought I’ll make myself a little salad and cut the veggie burger up in it.

Not too strange right? I guess the weird part comes in when they saw me putting mustard and ketchup on it like a dressing.  “Ugh… Abby…. are you really putting ketchup on your salad?”. It is unusual I’ll admit, but if you think about it not really. I mean its all the fixings of a hamburger but without the bun… tomatoes, pickles, veggie burger, onions, lettuce, mustard, and tomato. Am I the only one who would eat this? You guys really don’t know what you’re missing.

Another strange food happening has to do with this pear…

The pear(s) of stone. Liz and I went to Costco on April fool’s day and bought a bag of pears to share… that was 19 days ago and these pears have been fooling us ever since. They are still hard as a rock! What gives? They haven’t even been in the fridge… I ate one this morning and it was pretty good but still had a slight crunch. Pears aren’t even that good anyways… psh I’m over them. Oh and ps… Liz you still owe me 2 bucks. (shy ronnie ahhhhhahhhhhh) Peace and Blessins ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Finals Week

  1. i think my favorite part was you calling liz out on the 2 dollars. yeahh, the salad kind of, really is, bizarre…but as long as you are finally getting your protein, i will not make fun!

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