Blog Stalker

I am a blog fanatic… I check at least 4 different blogs everyday and another 10 or so every week… and this is outside of family and friends blogs. These are blogs of people I’ve never even met… yet I’m addicted. Sometimes when I re-tell stories in reference to something that I read on a blog, I say “oh that happened to my friend!” What???? Abby… these unknown bloggers are not your friends… you don’t know them. It is sometimes a harsh reality check. I just thought I had to share some of my favorite bloggers with you, so here are just a few amazing examples of what the blog world has to offer…

Peanut Butter Fingers

This is Julie from Pb fingers. I just love her, her husband Ryan, and their dog Sadie. They live in Florida and lead my dream life. I got my roommate Jamie hooked on her blog too, and we both check it like three times a day, as she updates often. She has an awesome food and workout blog! So inspiring she is!

The Daybook

This is Sydney from the Daybook. This is a recent discovery… I only stumbled upon this blog maybe two weeks ago and I’m already hooked. She is a mormon newlywed (well a relatively newlywed  I guess in the scheme of things) who blogs about fashion. She makes me want to throw away my entire wardrobe and buy a new one. I pretty much want to be her best friend.

Picky Palate

This is Jenny from Picky Palate. She whips up the craziest and most absurd baking concoctions! But they have you thinking…hmmm… why didn’t I think of this sooner? Its delicious!  Her photography is amazing and she makes everything look divine. Everything I’ve made of hers tastes phenomenal.

Birthday Girl

Every time I check this blog I am filled with the overwhelming urge to throw a huge party… usually for myself. So many wonderful ideas… yet so few opportunities to use them. I think I should be an official party planner when I grow up.

Photos Courtesy blog links!!!! You won’t regret checking these ladies out!


3 thoughts on “Blog Stalker

  1. Love it! Why dont you add the blogs to your google reader them the reader will tell you when there’s a new post- that’s how I knew you had something new:)

  2. oh my gooodness, my name was in your blog post…i’m famous!
    all thanks to you for my current pbfinger blog addiction.

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