She had go baffroom

My blog title post comes from the classic movie Annie. My roommate liz does a great job at quoting this in nearly every situation applicable… its hilarious. Europe awe Europe.  A great place of wonder, sites, landmarks, and romance… well at least for everyone else as far as the romance part goes. Europe has a lot to offer. But wanna know what Europe doesn’t have? Bathrooms! Am I annoyed. No doubt about it. I live in a constant state of fear of having to go to the bathroom at an inopportune moment; which is every moment. Solution- dont drink water. . . Ever. How do Europeans survive I say?  One great thing about the USA is public restrooms! I have a feeling. I will be arriving back to the U.S. with an extremely timely patriotism just in preparation  for the 4th of July.  But don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten about Canada quite yet… Canada Day is July first and quickly approaching. See ya real soon good ole US of A! I can’t wait to blog with pictures and everything as soon as I have my beloved little Macbook back in my procession. You should get really excited cuz I’ve been having an awesome time in Euroland and want to share it with one and all!


One thought on “She had go baffroom

  1. i am thoroughly excited. and excited for the day that i can see my beloved abbbster again! miss youuu !

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