I made it back!!! After multiple flight delays and 29 straight hours of no sleep I think I’ve finally had time to defeat my jet lag. Spending six weeks in Europe kept me pretty busy and I’m excited to share!

Say hello to our first day in Rome. This is the day where we are all extremely jet lagged, tired, and feel pretty grody from hours of travel… ok all those things pertain to me… not necessarily everyone.

Trevi Fountain

On that first day we hit up the Spanish steps, Pantheon, and Bernini fountain, plus I tasted my first gelato… and probably picked the best first flavor… nocciola… aka… hazelnut… this is where the love affair begins.

Second day in Rome was Collosuem, Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, and endless walking! Yee haw

Michelangelo's Moses

I saw heaps of piles of good art. I can’t get enough of Bernini. Borghese Gallery = Amaze Sauce. We also went to some obscure churches were Bernini works are found.

Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Baroque Borromini Facade maddness!!!

If I wasn’t an art nerd before this trip, I most certainly am one now. How can a building make a person so happy?

FYI: Europe has the best yogurt and flavors of yogurt. I loved their melon flavors and this little gem of a flavor below tasted like fig newtons… which, don’t turn your nose away in disgust, was delicious. We were lucky enough to have mini fridges and kitchens in our apartments in Rome so we could buy our own food… a luxury we never had again.

Now we move onto the amazing Vatican Museums.

Raphael’s School of Athens


St. Peters Basilica

Good thing I ruined this photo by keeping my headphones in right?


Ok, so art is great and all but what is really great is this…

Panna Cotta Mouse Gelato

Do you see the texture of that stuff?… its amazing. It tasted like rich clouds from heaven… and little did we know that this would be the cheapest gelato on our entire study abroad. We should’ve lived it up while we had the chance. Just be advised… Rome has the cheapest Gelato in all of Europe. One Euro 50 for two scoops is unheard of anywhere else. I only thought to take a picture of this stuff after I had nearly demolished it.

Three words to describe Rome:  big, busy, ancient.

You can’t leave Rome without visiting the Borghese Palace… I forbid it.

I also have to go back to Rome someday because I didn’t get to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain… I didn’t have coins on me when we were there! Its supposed to go the other way around I think… that if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain then your destined to visit Rome again. But I like my way of thinking better, because now I have a more practical reason to go back than just mere destino.





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