Florence & Sienna

Welcome to beautiful Florence. My favorite place in all of Italy.

Florence is so small and charming… a completely walkable city. This was the quintessential Italy I had been waiting/hoping for.

I dream of when I can go back to Florence already. I wish we’d of had more time there.

Florence has so many small and quaint alleys and beautiful buildings and squares. It was all so romantic. Well at least all 20 of us girls found it to be extremely romantic. But really if you put that many girls together for over a week and everything begins to seem highly “romantic”.

The David was so amazing to see in person. This is of course the version in the square as you can’t take pictures of the genuine article in the museum. We spent a solid 20 minutes I would say in front of the David. What a masterpiece.

Behold the Duomo! We didn’t even go inside the building let alone get to climb to the top of the dome. We had such limited time and that didn’t seem to make the agenda. Guess I’ll just have to do that when I go back to Florence. Wink.

We did get some free time at night and we had heard that there was an amazing lookout point across the river that required a bit of a hike. It certainly was a hike, but luckily we were overjoyed when we got to the top and saw this. Don’t you love it when you’re rewarded for your effort? Seriously most gorgeous view ever. There are large steps we all sat on and listened to a local musician play a bunch of classic American songs (James Taylor gets me every time) that made us all swoon in the moment. The city was the view on the right and this was the view on the left…

Rolling Tuscan Hills… the picture does not do it justice whatsoever.

The next day we had a scheduled day trip to Sienna. Now none of us had any idea why we were going to Sienna, but that happened lots of times. We’d show up to museum and be like… hmmm does anyone know what we’re seeing here. We just went with the flow. But I’m gonna be honest… Sienna was a bit of a downer.

It is so… so… medieval. And when you’ve just come from the fantasyland of Florence it was hard to impress us. It was pretty dreary and what art did we see while we were there… everyone’s absolute favorite of coarse… medieval art!!! There was one upside to Sienna… I got this strange photo…

Is this steamroller train of Italian boys weird or what? I loved it. Sienna is probably amazing…I mean we only saw one fraction of it so I can’t judge harshly. I think I mainly just wanted to stay in Florence to hunt down Snooki and the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore because they were in Florence while we were there. Some girls in our group actually saw them! But not ME! Aw well I did see one celebrity in Europe which shall be revealed when I finally get to blogging about London! Be excited.

Luckily we made it back to Florence to see it one last time at night. Oh its just so gorgeous. You must go here before you die. Out of all the places in Italy I’d recommend Florence.

Yeah… don’t know who these two ladies are but I just really wanted this picture.






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