I came to Venice with an almost “ready for disappointment” attitude… only because EVERYONE I’ve known has said that Venice is dirty, smelly, not what you’d expect, and disappointing. Well let me tell you that EVERYONE was wrong. Venice was amazing! Not dirty, not smelly… I really don’t know what these people were talking about… go to Naples or Paris and you’ll change your opinion of what’s “smelly”.

This was our quant little hotel. It was super close to the train station which meant we could just walk with our luggage. Very convenient. Right off the bat we loved Venice. There are so many sidewalk cafes everywhere, and each has an amazing view. Of course we couldn’t afford to eat at any of them so we just lived vicariously through others.

Every canal had its own charm and mystique. Although there is one downside to Venice… you will get lost at one point or another, even with a map. We spent the day shopping and looking at Venetian glass souvenirs, which got old pretty quick. Rejuvenation comes in the form of  Gelato in Italy.

Nocciola- the love of my life.

Me being photographer.

I don’t know what came over me but I actually found a dog bigger than a breadbox that I thought was cute. Only in Venice.

 I also found more gorgeous canals…

I found fruit!!!!

And I also found Pesto! The funny thing about real Italian food is that it really doesn’t have all that much flavor. Its very simple… and as you continue to eat the flavor is brought out more and more… very understated. You order pesto at Macaroni grill and the first bite will give you bad breath for a week. 3 cheers for al dente and understated pasta!

Don’t let anyone talk Venice down. It was amazing.


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