Padua & Milan

When we left Florence we took a train ride to Padua to see Gioto’s Arena Chapel. It was amazing to see in real life. So different from what I thought it would be, different in a good way. The angels expressions are so much more noticeable in person and the halos on all figures are 3 dimensional and come of the walls at least half an inch. Does anyone even care about this other than me? Well if you don’t you should.

I also remembered learning from my high school AP Art History teacher about Anna and Joachim’s kiss. The information came flooding back to me as I saw this image. I only say this because I know other Mrs. Hughes students frequent this blog… It was so awesome to see it in person. This image flies under the radar in so many art history classes, yet it was one of the most beautiful in the chapel. Thank you Mrs. Hughes.

They only let you spend 15 minutes in the chapel in groups of 15-20 or so then they boot you out. So we had no choice but to continue on and catch our train to Milan.

Milan was the most different city in Italy we went to. It was more like Paris or any other big city than anything else. But I actually welcomed the change. We only stayed in Milan for one night, but our hotel was like a palace it was so nice. I wish we could’ve stayed there forever … just for the hotel.

First stop in the morning was Milan Cathedral

I wore black pants… mistake… super sunny Milan= super hot Milan and hot legged Abby. You live and learn.

Interesting robot display going on in the square

Also in the square…. these cool bikes. Europe has these bike stands everywhere. I’m just sad I never got to ride one. But really… riding along side crazy sparatic European drivers is something I can do without.

Cool shopping area under that covered mall and yummy gelato of coarse.

We had a lot of downtime in this square (was it obvious?) hence the pics in this post are quite random.

Milan was cool, but I didn’t see any fashion models. boo. One thing Milan brought back to me was my forgotten love of Mcdonald’s vanilla soft serve cones. Those things are so good. Much too good for children. That was quoted many times on this trip. Let’s rephrase that last sentence… quoted way TOO many times on this trip… because somebody… ate way too many treats.


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