London Baby Yeahhhh!

In short. I Abby Wheatley, have waited my whole life to go to London. I got real serious about things when I started a London fund in sixth grade saving change in a tiny cardboard box. I barely survived when my parents went to England and Scotland without me about 4 years ago. But now it was my turn to go! And you know what? London did not disappoint … not one bit.

One of the first things I did was hit up this amazing market… it wasn’t cheep but they had some of the coolest items for sale. Exhibit A: the T-Rex necklace below. I wanted it and still want it.

Of course I had my eye out the entire time I was in London for Will and Kate merchandise… I was after all a devout 2 am wedding spectator.

Don’t know what I would’ve done with this royal wedding picture… but I wanted it. I wanted everything.

Tower Bridge: check

Trafalgar Square: check

I love this.  “AWE look… a classic ship.”- Mr. Bean

Picture in a Telephone Booth: check

Walk across Abbey Road!!!: Check

Write my name on the graffiti wall: you know I like being rebellious sometimes. Everybody does it!

Be incandescently happy? Yes I believe that status was achieved.

Next up… a walk to Primrose Hill for awesome look at the London Skyline. Then running to the tube for fear of being caught in a downpour. Lucky for us that didn’t happen… at least this time around. TBC in another post.

If you ever need advice about how to go to museums, wander/explore, take notes furiously, and ponder the meaning of life… just ask me. We did it every day. Four around four hours. Museums are safe havens… they have free bathrooms.

Quick trip to Buckingham Palace in between museums. We literally just had time to get there take three or four pictures then book it back to the tube. I didn’t even have time to soak in all the Royal Wedding atmospheric goodness.

One thing I really wanted to do was get my picture with the mall in the background. Its not great but it’ll do.

Fish and Chips!!! These babies are hard to find if you’re on a budget. You can find them in any pub but at a hefty price. I thought fish and chips would be everywhere on the streets…I have heard my whole life that the correct way to eat fish and chips was off the street where they wrap and serve it in newspaper but alas I was mistaken. We couldn’t find a street vendor. We did however last minute find this great little place called the Petite Cafe where they had reasonably priced fish and chips… and It was conveniently right down the street from our theater where we saw…. drumroll

My absolute favorite musical Les Miserables. I don’t ever get sick of this show no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Being the showtunes nerd that I am, of course I knew who was in our cast and was really excited because some of them were in the recently released 25th anniversary edition/special. (Not that I watched that 4 hr long PBS special on multiple occasions or plan on redboxing it from the 7 Eleven down the street or anything like that) Don’t fret… although this post is at its end more English goodness will be coming your way.


2 thoughts on “London Baby Yeahhhh!

  1. I just spent some time catching up on all of your posts on Europe and boy, did it bring back a flood of memories! You went on the best study abroad 🙂 I agree with Florence being the hot spot to hit in Italy. I LOVED it. We stayed in that same hotel in Venice–which was probably 2nd place on the list of places to see in Italy. I found it to be delightful. It is making me ache for a little Europe trip…that is for sure. I hope you went to Marks & Spencer in London…that is the only place I ate. Wonderful!

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