Say ‘ello English Countryside

England is gorgeous! Stonehenge rocked.

Let the jumping games begin

Lets get some more people in hereWe totally blocked Stonehenge. hmmm we didn’t think that through.

Our next stop was a quick visit at Salisbury Cathedral. But what I was most looking forward to was our next stop…

Stourhead. O. My. Gorgeous. Goodness. Gracious. Most beautiful place I’ve been on this earth. Stourhead is a massive estate with enormous grounds that is owned and preserved by the National Trust.

June was the perfect time to visit, the flowers were in full bloom and the weather (thank goodness) was perfect. This would’ve been the most awful of days if it had been raining. Praise the maker!

The estate even includes its very own PantheonThe inside was this golden terra cotta color. Beautiful.

The structure in this next picture has already been shown in many previous images in this post… Do you know why? It is where Mr. Darcy confessed his ardent love for a Miss Elizabeth Bennett. In pouring rain, might I add. Pride and Prejudice instills way too many fantasies in a young girls mind. We went photo ballistic over this place. Girls were even playing the soundtrack out loud form their phones… while I sat on the ledge and admired my surroundings…

Ok, I also was admiring my grandma glitz shoes. Sparkle shoes, I’m convinced, will improve life and happiness by 30% at least. AT LEAST. Go get a pair. Sadly we couldn’t stay at Stourhead forever. We were on a time table after all… and the next stop was Bath.

Spotted. Jane Austin and entourage.

Also spotted… The Royal Crescent. I felt like I was in Persuasion. Only instead of running furiously around it like Anne Elliot to catch up with Captain Wentworth…

I was eating this. A Sally Lunn Bun, which apparently are the thing to eat whilst in Bath. It seems like as soon as we got to Bath we had to leave again. I would’ve loved to of spent more time there. But there was one thing that I hadn’t done yet back in London.

Hit up Big Ben of Course!!! I was really expecting Peter Pan and Tink to land on the clock hands but they must’ve been running late or something. We specifically were scheduled to meet a quarter after the hour. People who can fly think they’re so cool. There was also one more thing that I just had to do before I left London.

That was of course go into my map like my good friend Joey Tribbiani. And you know what??? It works! I was quite the spectacle taking this picture. People really thought I was crazy. But after me referring to Peter Pan, Tink, and Joey Tribbiani as “friends” you probably already know that it is in fact true. Also lets not forget my celebrity sighting in London…. Johnny Depp. I can only say I saw his legs. 😦 We stumbled randomly upon his London apartment while our whole group was lost looking for the Wallace collection. He was standing in the doorway and when he saw that we’d realized it was him he went upstairs, then his body guard opened the window on the second level and proceeded to tell us to “please leave… now”. Such excitement in London.


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