Paris holds the key to your heart

Okay I’m not really sure that Paris holds the key to MY heart, but it was a good blog title to introduce Paris. We woke up at 3 AM in London in order to travel to the train station to catch our early morning chunnel. We got to Paris navigated ourselves to our hotel (which was located in the middle of Paris Suburbia, not the city) , and then were told that we had the rest of the day for free time… So what did I choose to do?

Euro Disney!!!! Three out of the four girls are fellow Disney cast members… and the funny thing is we all worked on Main Street. It is a small world after all. And the BEST news… my main gate worked so we all got in for free. Our faces are ecstatic.

Just sayin hello to my old haunt… the Emporium. It looks exactly the same on the exterior as the one in Disney World.

I didn’t even know that Euro Disney included two parks! Surprise. The parks were virtually empty… max wait time for rides was 5 minutes. Not too shabby. One thing can be said about the roller coasters at Euro Disney is that they are awesome! Space Mountain goes upside down and corkscrews three times! Amazing rides.

I’ve never wanted to be Mary Poppins more badly than at this very moment. Talk about good parade floats.

And costumes! Couture Maleficent.

Belgian waffle lover for life. Couldn’t decide between chocolate or sugar. When in doubt… get both. I couldn’t have asked for  a more perfect introduction to France. French people who also spoke English and were Disney cast members so of course they were nice to us.

The next day we went to Notre Dame first thing to take pictures.

And who shows up but one of the girl’s in our groups boyfriend. To propose to her!  Can you say lucky duck? This was our reaction to the romantic madness.

Once we got over the fact that no one was going to come to Paris for the rest of us and declare their undying love… we checked off some essential to do’s in Paris

Way Way Way too much Cheese!!!!

The guy put a pound of cheese at least on my crepe. Sadly it wasn’t good. I stuck with dessert crepes from there on out for fear of death by cheese.

More Paris to come!


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