C’est la vie

Macaroon me

The tastiest (and might I add cheapest ) Macaroons I found in Paris did not come from the Lauduree, or Pierre Herme, but from Maison Larnicol. (Just a little tip for you travel bugs) Macaroons did not taste like what I expected them to at all. They never looked tempting or appetizing to me, but as soon as I tried one I was sold. They’re soft and gooey inside… very unexpected.

Gelato from Amorino in Paris… another must. They position the Gelato into the shape of a rose. Amaretto gelato became my new favorite flavor.

I was so glad because I got to see one of my favorite David’s, Napolean Crossing the Alps. David painted many versions of this particular scene and this is just one his versions. Its located in one of Napoleon’s houses… Malmaison, just outside of Paris.

Eiffel by night. We were actually on the tower when it started to sparkle at 10 pm. I felt like I was inside of a diamond ring or something. I loved being up there! There is something about ariel views that fascinate me. I love looking out the windows of airplanes or from heights at the city and people down below. These chimneys caught my eye.

They are either aching for Santa Clause or the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins to dance all over them. Step in time!!!

We may have gotten caught in a downpour on our way back from the Eiffel Tower. I am not drenched as I had a rain jacket and umbrella in my Mary Poppins purse… however from intense running my skirt managed to do a 180 and was on completely backwards. You can’t even tell in the picture, but I was pretty amazed at my accomplishment.

Just livin the life abroad.


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