Oui more Paris

I learned something in Paris. It is impropper and very tourist-like behavior to order french onion soup mid summer- according to our waiter. Oops.

I also learned something  else…

The French onion soup from Mimi’s, Sweet Tomatoes, or even the frozen stuff from Costco was better than the stuff we got. I was so distraught. Awe well… I just decided to stick with the reliable things from this point on.

And Disney is ALWAYS reliable… Yes I went back again. I was after all in Paris for 18 days. It called my name daily.

Rex!!! One of my favorites-  “I don’t like confrontations!!!!”

I did my best not to buy these stuffed animals. I don’t know what it is, but I really love stuffed animals. Copper and Todd were hard to resist.

Ratatouille… I had to put the hat on… I was in Paris!

Scariest Haunted Mansion I’ve been on yet. Brides!!!! Why did it have to be bride themed! Much scarier and more morbid than DL’s or DW’s. I guess American’s are sissies when it comes to spooky stuff. Our versions are like watered down cool-aid compared to this.

Best version of its a small world. I believe we all got a little teary eyed.

European Candy (especially Haribo) is the best candy I’ve ever had in my life. Every time I went to Disney on this trip I loaded up a huge bag of assorted candy and ended up finishing it on the train ride home. I am not proud.

Amidst all the glizt and glam of Disney… I did of course love seeing the art. We spent four straight days at the Louvre. The pic above is blurry 😦

And I also did of course make it to the Eiffel Tower. I promise I wasn’t at Disney the whole time!


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