She was a day tripper

During our time in Paris, we were able to take a day trip to Auvers- where Van Gogh painted many of his famous works and eventually ended his own life; and Giverny- or Monet’s gardens. Both beautiful places.

Is it any wonder why he painted these feilds… they’re stunning.

I found these flower right as we we’re about to go into the cemetery where he and his brother are buried. I felt like I was looking at another one of his paintings instead of a real life flower.

Next stop- Giverny

Gorgeous-a much smaller  and CROWDED place than I was expecting. To take your picture on the bridge we practically had to wait in a line. Asian tour groups are very orderly. I appreciate this.

Versailles was also another day trip done separate from Auvers and Giverny

Very crowded hall of mirrors

Cold cold day but thankfully no rain.

Apollo Fountain. This thing blew my mind for some reason. Seeing it in text books is very different (aka not as cool) from real life.

This has got to be one of the craziest faces I’ve ever pulled. I guess this is my amazed look. Flattering? no. Attractive? I think not. Funny? yes. Sometimes funny things just need to be shared. Oh and see that grass behind me… don’t walk on it… you will get yelled at in French.

Fountains blasted water while baroque music filled the air… it twas all so regal. 


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