Third times the charm

Guilty as charged. At Disney again for the third time.

This is my friend Alyssa… who had never been to Disney in her life!!!! Of course she had to come and experience the magic!

Put on your best ” I can’t believe I’m at Disney face”

Another thing I did while in Paris was take a double decker bus tour. It was awesome. It takes you everywhere! And you get to see a lot of the city that you miss while taking the metro. I now feel impelled to ride a double decker bus in every city that offers them… so be excited if you go on vacation with this girl!Convenient stop at the Moulin Rouge

Who am I kidding? The real reason I took this pic was not for the Moulin Rouge… but for this awesome Haribo candy stand, which you know I hit up.

I found a homeless man who I really believe is Bilbo Baggins. Sad but true.

On our last night in Paris we all, the 24 of us on the Art History Study Abroad, took a river boat cruise together as a last goodbye. I’m still amazed by all the art and amazing things I saw while on my program… like Johnny Depp. 🙂

Au revoir Paris.


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