Madrid? Why yes I did.

Even though my official study abroad program had ended in Paris, me and a few other girls had planned to go to Madrid for a day and a half then fly home from Spain! Its sad though… we were in Paris for sooooo long that we kind of got tired, and Madrid didn’t get the full attention that it should’ve. Meaning… we were exhausted of taking pictures by this point.

One thing we did love about Madrid was how clean, exciting, and quaint it was. It was definitely reminiscent of the small streets of Italy. Madrid has a good vibe.

We hit up the Prado, another modern museum I didn’t care for, and then siesta’d in the park for oh… about two hours. Pure bliss.

Traveling home on the other hand was a nightmare. After 29 straight hours of traveling with no sleep, flight delays, sitting next to a chatter box little boys on the airplane (I think he was the kid in the movie up!!! not a good thing) We finally made it home at 2 am SLC time.

The parentals showed me some love with a traditional fantastic banner made by Papa Alan. I came home just in time for Father’s Day and due to Papa Alan’s wishes that meant…. time to head up to the cabin.

It was gorgeous this particular weekend. I love over cast days.

The view from this place is spectacular.

I could look out the window all the live day long at this. I had one of those sappy moments in my head where I thought… I’d always wanted to go to Europe to see these amazing sights when I already have them in my own backyard. Just coutin dem blessins.

Another blessing… going from sleeping in a bed that looks like this

To one that looks like this…

Its not like the other bed was awful at all… but if you could upgrade from coach to first class wouldn’t you be excited?


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