Viva Viva Las VEGAS!!!

Man alive I love that Elvis song. I grew up vacationing in Vegas; I have been countless times and each time we do something new. Believe it or not, we’ve never stopped at the Las Vegas sign. What better time than on my 21st birthday? Holla.

Now… who goes to Vegas with their parents on their 21st birthday? I say I DO. They took me to see my idol Celine Dion for cryin outloud. Thank you Parentals ❤

Shopping, lunch at the cheesecake factory, then a dessert I’ve been waiting to try for what seems like eons… Pizzookie from BJ’s.

The cookie monster herself. (No i didn’t eat those by myself. I know what you were thinking. For shame.)

I also got to meet up with one of my old co-workers from Disney who was also in Vegas to see Celine! Say hi to Amanda.

Then the night ended when Celine Dion sang a two hour lullaby to me, not to 500 other people, just me. She is amazing. Nobody can sing like she can and she is smokin for her age. For some reason or other, I can’t really explain why, but one of my three cries a year tends to be on my birthday. Last year it was Toy Story 3 that got me going… this year… Celine. Its ridiculous, hardly anything makes me cry, I feel like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday most of the time, but leave it Celine to stir up the emotions. Now that I’m 21 I feel like doing something CRAZY! Like maybe not wearing my seatbelt to the grocery store or leaving the fridge door open just because. No no… I just couldn’t do those things. I’ll settle for an Anne of Green Gables marathon instead. I know a lot of people who would really call me crazy for that! Their loss really.


One thought on “Viva Viva Las VEGAS!!!

  1. Abby– you are hilarious!..Leave the fridge open… not wearing your seat belt… your blog makes me laugh!

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