Oregon!!! or rather are you STILL gone?

I feel like I have been neglecting people lately. People keep on contacting me, but I’m always out of town… they probably think I’m lying to them. But I’m not… and I’ve got proof!!! My sister Liz and her family were kind enough to include me into their family 4th of July get away.

I just happened to be wearing my Canadian plaid on Canada Day!!!! Quite appropriate.

Even logs in Oregon are purty. We woke up early in the morning the next day to look at the tide pools. It was breathtaking

Boy was I glad I brought my Hunters. Best decision in my life. Although be warned, rubber on seaweed= a slippery slope.

I am convinced that mermaids live here. I mean this was just an unreal scene for us landlocked folk.

Devil’s Puchbowl

America… I love you

The famous Octopus Tree.

Talk about a lot of sea birds. I was hoping to see a real life puffin but it didn’t happen. Barbara’s Peanut butter puffins are my fav and deserve a shout out at this point I feel. I felt like I was in Anne of Green Gables at this lighthouse… only on the wrong end of the continent. I think this wins my vote for favorite photo of the trip.

While in Oregon we went to Tillamook- cheese and ice cream sampling (yummo), stopped at the Nike headquaters (very impressive), and while in Portland I spotted this…Do I have a good eye or what? Its the house from Up! We were driving around looking for a gas station when I flipped out! Its even in the middle of a construction sight! I still need to research it and find out why its there. But one things for sure… there were three kids in the car who were pretty excited about it… A 9 year old, a 6 year old, and a 21 year old. Me.


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