Guilty Pleasure

Thats right readers of my mundane life… the guilty pleasure segment of my blog shall continue at last. All my previous guilty pleasure posts are back at good old merrybobbins if you desire to refresh your memory.

Lets see I believe I’m now at guilty pleasure #10: Mcdonalds

Call me cheap, call me disgusting, but I’ll admit it. I love Mcdonalds. My love has only been rekindled on my recent adventures in Europe where Mcdonalds was the only place on earth where they had salads available. I can’t live without salad. Its a top five favorite food no battle. So naturally we went to Mcdonalds a lot. Oddly enough, I never go to Mcdonalds in the states. Probably because there are much better salad options, but still, Mcdonalds is a happy memory of childhood. Going to Mcdonalds was such an event! Happy meal box, burger, fries, orange pop that left a ring around my mouth, and the holy grail- a happy meal toy. Now I haven’t eaten a real hamburger in a while… so long… that I can’t even remember the last time I ate one… I guess I have a processed meat issue. (if you’ve watched food inc. you know what I mean) BUT even though I know how unhealthy Mcdonalds meat and burgers are…. there is no denying the Big Mac. I’m sorry. All you Mcdonalds haters out there are crazy. It is delicious. Not to mention Micky D’s has the BEST fast food french fries and there is also something about their soft serve cones that is magical. You’re probably thinking that I must eat there everyday or something. Wrong. In fact I have never driven myself through a drive through in my life. Ta Dah. Shocking I know.

As of late it seems to be a trend to be a Mcdonalds snob. My wish is for all the Mcdonalds haters out there to get off their high horse and realize that Mcdonalds has everything: free wifi, free restrooms,toys, redbox, the dollar menu, and thats right…. GOOD FOOD. (just forget about all the chemical stuff, its in  Wendy’s hamburgers too! )


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