I’m Cereal… No Trix

Confession. I HATE milk. Can’t, wont, never will drink it. If someone offered me $100 to drink a full glass of milk I’d gag before I could finish it. Milk goes with cereal, so naturally I hate cereal as well. I grew up eating nutri-grain bars, oatmeal, or toast for breakfast. I only attempted to try cereal when I was in high school. Enter a love for quaker oatmeal squares. I experimented with other cereals but quaker oatmeal squares are the only ones I can stomach with milk. Cereals that pass the “you taste yummy without milk” test are golden grahams, muffin tops, cinnamon toast crunch, reeses puffs (a new development), peanut butter puffins, and cinnamon chex. What you might call candy cereals. The rest are garbage!

Repulsive cereals:

All flake cereals

Cheerios (I can smell them by just looking at this… ugh)

Lucky Charms


Fruit Loops

Cocoa Puffs

Honey Smacks

I can decipher the smell of Cheerios and Honey Smacks a mile away, because it makes me sick. Sitting through church with small children nearby is often unbearable. My niece spent the night at my moms house the other day and I happened to be there during breakfast. Cereal time! She accidentally spilled her bowl of lucky charms all down the front of her and onto the floor. I quickly grabbed paper towels and started to wipe it off of the ground. The odor hit me like a semi. Truly awful… I started to feel nauseous. My mom was putting her makeup on upstairs and I had to get her to rescue me and clean it up, the smell was too much to bear. Just as bad as the smell of cereal is the sight of it as it sits in the sink and puffs up. Oh… the horror. Will I be a terrible mother if I don’t buy the cereals that are repulsive to me? I’m sorry but honey smacks are a definite no no. I’ll make anything they want… pancakes, smoothies, oatmeal, waffles… but please…. no cereal!


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