Previa Hunting

This was the car that I had for 12 years of my childhood. A Toyota Previa.

Our family was known for it I guess, some friends still think of us when they see that car driving about( ahem….Whitney!). I hated that thing when we had hit, but now I look back fondly on that car. Now one of my favorite games is Previa hunting. Heres how you play… every time you see a Previa you have to be the first to say it. But you have to say it a certain way. You know the Activia “Jamie Lee Curtis Yogurt” jingle? yeahhhh…. you have to say Previaaaaa…. to that same jingle. Its addicting.

I even spotted a Previa outside of my hotel in London. They be everywhere

I already know where all the Previa locations are in Provo, I’m like a Previa stalker. One thing is for sure, Oregon has the highest amount of Previa’s I’ve ever seen. I had to sing the jingle like 20 times. (so sorry Liz and family, its just so much fun) My goal is to ride in one just one last time before I die, or all the Previa’s die out. So if you know anyone with the coolest van on the planet… hook me up.


One thought on “Previa Hunting

  1. YES!!! I love that van!! Hahaha… Whenever I see one I still look to see if it is your mom driving it… But sadly, it never is… 🙂

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