The Real World

This week started my last semester of college EVER. I’m actually pretty sad about it. Everyday I realize that I just may acutally miss the craziness of the BYU library. I may miss walking through swarms of people on campus. I WILL miss people getting tickets whilst riding their bikes during class breaks. I’ll miss throwing parties on the weekends.  Most of all I will miss going to my favorite study place on campus (over the past 3 years the JSFB and I have developed a great relationship).

In truth I’m scared to move on. I’m scared to leave the safe haven of Provo, where sadly the dating scene is as good as its gonna get. I could declare a minor and stay, I could decide to go to patisserie school, I could get a random job in Provo; but I feel like those are all cop-outs. This is the first year where I truly have to make a big decision. I’ve always known what I was going to do every year since I was five; school was the main component of my life- elementary school, middle school, high school, college. But now that school is over with its completely up to me to decide what to do with my life. I’ve gotta grow up at some point- you can’t go to school forever.

Rather than being excited, I’m freaked out. I’ll be submitting applications in a few weeks and I think about to find out just how severely under-qualified I am for most ALL jobs. Pretty much I’m letting my future depend on Disney. California or Florida are my options and if both of those fall through… I seriously don’t have a plan B. Maybe plan B is moving to London to nanny. Its totally a cop-out, but a really exciting one at that.

Welcome  Abigail Wheatley, I’m going to scare you to death.

Sincerely, the real world.


2 thoughts on “The Real World

  1. I definitely know how you feel Abs! I graduated in April and I’m STILL in that lost phase. Shka said hers lasted a year till she got a job with the airline. It’s a weird time for sure, but make the most of it and try and get on with Disney. If you don’t get the job there and you’re uncertain of what to do, just take the time to do something you’ve always wanted. Now is the only time we have to do something so crazy and out there, and I guarantee you years down the road when you’re married with kids, you’ll think back and realize how lucky we were to have that time! I also vote for plan B….obviously I support that cop out 😉

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