Kicking the Bucket

Blog… I’m so sorry. I’ve not be showing you the attention you deserve. Too much time has been spent on school Pinterest lately, and not on you. Lets be friends again.

Now onto my post. So I have a bucket list. I’m the queen of lists (its one of my top five hobbies) so of course I have a bucket list. I’ve been trying to think of some new additions, but am seriously lacking creativity. So I thought I’d share some of mine if you’ll share some of yours.

Catch a T-shirt at a sporting event

Become a regular at a restaurant ( I think I’m actually quite close)

Be in a studio audience

Fly in a helicopter

… only not this kind

Lastly, run a marthon

Doesn’t it look like so much fun? I can’t wait.

There are a bunch of other things on my list too like learn how to juggle, organize a humanitarian effort, get married (mom I put that one there just for you), and the list goes on…

So if you have any good bucket list suggestions please leave a comment. Don’t say skydiving. Please. It aint gonna happen.


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