A day in the life of Abby

I threw another little dessert bash at my apartment last night. Free soft serve frozen yogurt from my sister Liz’s professional machine. Oh yeah… thats just the way we roll. It was awesome. One can never have too big a party. I realized that I know some of the greatest people in the world. If you’re reading this post then you are probably one of them. I seriously am so lucky to know such awesome people.

This morning I woke up and was on cloud nine. Even boring lectures, homework, and looming tests didn’t bring me down. I was walking around smiling at random people thinking I just want to tell everyone how great life is! Hoobastank!  And as usual with highs… there comes a crash and burn. I was counting the days left of school and putting on my calender when my finals are in December and I realized something super depressing… I’m outa this town in LESS than three months. Boo. No more dessert parties, no more provo, no more fun. The worst part is I have to say goodbye to all these awesome people that I really care about. Although I’m the LEAST outwardly emotional person on the planet, things like this really do make me sad. I hate the thought that I might never see certain people again. However, I am fairly good at keeping in contact with the people that I care about…in fact my little postcards and letters probably become annoying over time. Nah… people love me for it.

Why do people pick scabs? A scab I had on my foot was torn off this morning when I put on my shoes. YOWZA! Why would anyone want to self inflict that kind of pain? Gross.

Went back to the library; second time this whole semester. What can I say… I hate it. Am I productive? no. Do I just people watch? yes. Is it so cold that I can’t concentrate? yes. Do I distract people at my own table by talking to them? yessssss. Why do I keep going back? I don’t know. Went to the fifth floor today for the first time in a year! Not as bad as it used to be, but I’m not in love.

I skipped the line at subway today… as I do every Monday and Wednesday… showing up at 11:40 in the cougar eat has been observed/tried/tested/ & successed-ed  as the least busy time of the lunch rush. Your welcome.

Didn’t pay attention in any of my classes. So sue me. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and google reader are far more entertaining than map projections.

As was was writing that upper portion of this blog post, I was waiting for my 5:30 class to start. I have that class only once a week on Mondays… which is probably why I forgot that it started at 5 and not 5:30! I walked in so confused as to why my professor was already teaching. It took me ten minutes to figure out that I was actually late and that my teacher hadn’t started teaching early. I had missed nearly half of my class. Abby what is wrong with you? Wheatley’s don’t behave this way!

Ate a frozen banana, brownie, and green beans for dinner. In that order. What? I know.

My mac computer charger, that I just bought in January, died on me tonight. There’s $60 I’ll never see again. FALSE!!! My momma raised me to keep receipts. New charger for free tomorrow! HOLLA




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