What makes my heart beat

I don’t know if I’ve ever out right said it… I mean everybody who knows me knows it…I couldn’t live without the music of the Beatles. Obviously, my pic of Abbey Road above was a big check mark on my bucket list. BEST DAY EVER! Two nights ago I made the drive up and back from Provo to Sandy, and with construction that left me with and hour and a half of serious Beatles jam time.

Just look at these boys

In my opinion they made some of the best music ever written… I’m pretty sure that I know almost ALL of their songs… I have around 600 versions on my itunes. Of course I grew up with the Beatles so I may have a biased view, but now that I’m older I love their music even more. Simple beat, simple lyrics, short. Perfection. Truly, great music never goes out of style. Somebody should’ve told that to Sisq0. Wink. Wah Wah Wah. Don’t know much about Beatles music? (if people like that actually even exist!!!) Never fear, I’ll steer you in the right direction.


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