I completely forgot to blog about this little summer shenanigan at my cabin…

And this piece of  excitement

Ps. its not very well known but I’ve always had the desire to join the National Guard, Army, Marines, why not Airforce, Navy, Special Forces… I can’t even do one push up so don’t know where that desire comes from… but with 3 coptors circling our house for 4 plus hours… I felt like I was born to be a chopper pilot. I think I’ve watched The Guardian one too many times.

Ok so thats pretty much the only spotlight these pics are going to get… especially the first one… it might be too much for this blog to handle…. onto other news… check out my seats for this past Friday’s football game…

Third row… on the oldies side! Oh yeah, sittin’ in the comfy seats… best football game ever… thank you Liz! I don’t have an all sports pass this year and Liz was kind enough to take me! It was pretty hard to focus on the game because there were so many media people in front of us… including Alema Harrington… none other than my sports broadcaster crush since I was 8! (ps… he spray tans) And another one of my crushes also made frequent appearances….

Totally made friends with the old men behind us. Gotta love old men. Don’t worry… no inappropriate man crush was developed – that is this time. 🙂


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