Guilty Pleasure #11

Again if you have no idea what guilty pleasures 1-10 are and find yourself to be a little curious, you can check them out here and here

Guilty Pleasure #11 is… Figure Skating!!!!

Hmmm….. been obesessed pretty much my whole life. Whats not to love I ask?

Sasha Cohen


Terrific Spills and snazzy costumes

And moments like this…You don’t even want to see what I’m like during the Olympics…Crazed!!!!!!!

The most ironic thing is that I can’t skate to save my life. Whilst in Canada, my friend Ainsley (red gloves), who used to skate competitively,  attempted to teach me and my friend Leah some skills. Leah picked them up… but they had a hard time prying me off of the boards. I just need one of those ice walkers… you know?

Lookout! Skating season approaches! And I tend to wreak havoc!


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