Free Write

So I decided I wanted to do something different today for my post… I am just going to do a free write and see what spills out… don’t worry I haven’t started yet… but I’ll begin on the count of 3…. 1….2…..3!!!

Lately I’ve been watching too much crappy TV… what a waste of time… I should find better things to do with my life, but as of late, crappy TV is all I’ve got. So far this semester I’ve printed off more pages and papers than I think I have done throughout my entire college career… I just hope I don’t run out of ink… I’ve made it through 3 years without printing out a single paper on campus and I’m not about to give in now! Yesterday at Costco… one of the sample people… told me that I looked like I was healthy. um.. thank you. Lets see I’m running out of things to talk about… wait RUNNING! That is something I’ve been doing as of late. I’ve realized you either need to be a consistent runner or just don’t run at all period. Ever since high school I have been inconsistent with my running. I’ll run for a few months and then stop and all my progress has been lost. That is exactly where I am right now… trying to gain back my endurance. The only issue I have with running is that I sweat more than most men… yes… I’m not afraid to admit it. If you know me well you know that I don’t keep many things to myself… and yes I sweat! As I was running the other night I looked down at my shirt and to my dismay I discovered a sweat ring… a LARGE sweat ring around the rim and collar of my T-shirt. Gross! Doesn’t that only happen to guys? I walked out of the gym with my head held low… pretty much just to cover the sweat ring around my neck. Buzz’s girlfriend……..woof.

Ok… free write over! Wow lets see what I talked about. Crappy TV, Costco, School, Gym. Yep that pretty much sums up my life right now. I’m that much fun. Ok. Byeeeeee!


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