GTL no more

Confession. I used to tan. Not your every day crazed obsessed type of tan. But tan to not show my snow white legs at the gym type of tan. However my tone has changed.

Back in 2009 my sister Ang, who used to be an avid tanner, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Now, there is no direct correlation between thyroid cancer and tanning beds… but still… it was something that made my whole family stop and think about the unhealthy things we were doing in our lives. However, I still didn’t stop tanning, even after seeing my sister go through surgery to have her thyroid removed, eat a required iodine free diet, and endure a week of radiation treatments.

It wasn’t until this May when my dad was diagnosed with Carcinoma and Melanoma skin cancer, that I realized I needed to stop. Its not worth it. Being in the sun period isn’t worth it. Just because you’ve never been tanning in a tanning bed doesn’t mean that laying out in the sun for hours is ok or any different. My dad had never been tanning, his cancer was a result from natural rays.

He had surgery on his back and various other parts of his body this summer where cancerous skin was removed. All we know is that at least his back is cancer free and we’re hopeful that the cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else. My sister Ang goes in for her second thyroid surgery October 13. I’m praying for you Ang! 🙂

GTL= Gym Tan Laundry. Shameful thank you to Jersey Shore for that. Looks like I’ll just be GL’ing from now on. Health and family is definitely more important. I’ve tried spray tans and various brands of lotions, but by going to the gym multiple times a week, I just sweat it off within a few days and it gets all splotchy. But there is defintely a positive to being white… 40 years from now my skin will probably look 20 years younger than everybody elses! My only request is for the rest of the world to be careful when it comes to time spent in the sun! SPF baby! Oh and world… could you also please stop finding tans so attractive… it’d make this situation more convenient.


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