This is mi madre, momala, super moma, moma Wheatley, Karla, Karlotta, wonder woman

lovin the Farrah Faucet locks

Former ZCMI catalog model, dater extraordinaire, rocket scientist (sounds much better than thiocol), and construction sign holder hottieboomalottie.

Is it her birthday? no. Anniversary? no. Does she just deserve a shout out? Heck yes she does. She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. The type of mom where if I accidentally forgot an assignment at home would drive it over to me at school as soon as I called. She’s still that type of mom. She even drove to Provo one day to run me my makeup bag and accidentally left in Draper. She’d treat us like Kings and Queens when we were sick; setting up camp in her bedroom with the TV giving us a bell to ring to summon her with our popsicles and Sprite, in the one and only coveted Wheatley ice cream cup of course!

She’s always throwing some sort of party, and a Wheatley party is never to be missed because… Wheatley’s have more fun. And more food. And more decorations. And more freebees. (next up… Halloween… October 30. Park City. Mark your calendars)

According to her, she went on more dates than all of her daughters combined. Not going to argue with you on that one mom. She’s even got date journals to prove it. One guy waiting at the front door, while she was coming in from the back. She’s taught us a trick or two.

She’s all over the place with 10 grand kids (3 babies born this summer!!!), 5 children, 2 cancer patients, one needy daughter (uh… me!), relief society president, and a home remodel. And somehow she does it all. Sounds like she needs a vacay… (I’m done with finals Dec. 14, already have free disney passes for us, and have looked into airfare. wink wink)

Mumsie I love you. Sorry about that horrible time I gave you in high school. Forget the terrible two’s… hows about terrible teens. Last time I checked I think I’ve grown out of that. Your the bees knees and I love you like nobody’s business!

Holla for Karla ya’ll! Lend her some sugar she is your neighbor hah!


5 thoughts on “Momala

  1. I say AMEN sista! Ha ha. I always loved staying at your house overnight because your mom would do my hair just like you and Katherine the next day (just one of the many perks of staying over at the Wheatley’s House).

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