Hocus Pocus Alahmagocus

Well, it kinda feels like we’ve already skipped over Halloween and are already moving onto Christmas, with the weather being all snowy and such today. Curses. But still I love Halloween… and these pics make me so happy

What a guy that Jack is. And the blurry Behunin fam below… now plus one.

Can you recognize what this is?

No? How about now?

I know… my amazing impression totally gives it away

It’s the statue from Hocus Pocus. I was star struck at Orlando’s Planet Hollywood. They also have the spell book but its surrounded by booth seating… but I didn’t want to be too big of creeper and weasle my way into someones dinner to take a picture. I would’ve waited 3 hours for a table by that book. Hocus Pocus really is one of the best movies. I’ve already watched it once this witching season, and will probably watch at least three more times. Growing up who didn’t sing the Sarah Jessica Parker song? Who didn’t have a crush on Binx?… urrr… the human Binx that is. Oh what you find attractive as a child.


2 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Alahmagocus

  1. You must show me all your Florida pictures! I have never seen this, but, yes I did recognize it!! “Come little children I’ll take you away……….”

  2. O mom, your comment made me laugh out loud. Abby, I too didn’t know you had this photo. What other treasures are you keeping from me?
    PS: No one will watch Hocus Pocus with me 😦

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