Taco Chips

First of all, let me just say what a currazzzy week this has been! I haven’t been this busy/stressed in quite some time. Oye. Two tests today. Don’t want to talk about it. 2 hour cat nap considered as a full nights sleep. Now blogging at 3 am because I’m past sleepiness ( same concept as past hunger). Phew… next week is just as awful, and seeing as 3 am seems to be my “free time” I figured I’d  finally blog, and blog about one of my one true loves…. taco chips!

Oh taco chips. You are the best chips in all existence. If I’m going to eat a chip (at all ) its going to be one of you. Other chips simply aren’t worth the time of day. You hold so much more flavor and oily grease, that eating just one of you is better than eating the entire bag of regular ole joes. I shake the bag vigorously searching specifically for your folded divinity, why can’t all chips be like you? If you’re not found… the bag simply isn’t worthy to be in my presence.

If someone wants to give me the ultimate Christmas present… buy bags of chips- pick out all the taco chips -then put all/and only taco chips in the same bag! Am I an avid chip eater? no. But bag full of taco chips… I’d like a bag full of taco chips. Something to go down in history for.


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