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Proof… that people other than me read this blog! The other morning I woke up to an email from someone telling me how much they loved my blog and invited me to enter a contest. Contest? I’m all about contests! So here is how it goes…its for college bloggers and the top ten posts that receive the most votes, will be entered in the finals where judges will choose the winning blog.

So can I ask you guys for a favor? Vote for me? Phulease! All you have to do is click on this cute little blue button. You can vote until November 18th, and this little blue guy will be appearing on most of my blog posts until then. Thanks a heap.

Ok… now onto the main bit of my post. As I’m going back to work for Disney again, I’ve been thinking a lot about my amazing time in Florida 2009…. and the joys of being a Disney Cast Member.

Lets go through a typical day of working at Magic Kingdom’s Emporium shall we?

7 pm – beginning of shift- high energy

2 am – mischievous fun 3 am – completed Mickey wall4 am – headed to the loony bin4:01 am – arrived at the loony bin6 am – Insanity- what you wished you felt like…What you actually do feel like… a slave/robot/machineAnd do you know what? I love it, miss it, crave it!!!! Hence, why I’m going back for more. I especially miss my costume. You think I’m kidding? I’m really not. I always wanted to wear uniforms for school so I guess compensating a costume for work is like my dream come true. No morning wardrobe battles. Same thing every day! Hooray! I rhyme. From time to time


3 thoughts on “Disney Cast Member

  1. Hello, I too am in the student blogging contest. I came across your blog as the title of this post caught my attention. I recently spoke with Disney regarding possible internship positions! Your pictures brought me such excitement! Almost as if I were there myself! lol

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