Single Serving Sweets


With all the roommates I’ve ever had we all do our own thing when it comes to food. I know lots of people who cook meals together with their roommates and rotate who cooks on what night… but that has always seemed so hectic to me. Nobody seems to be on the same schedule when you’re in college.

The only things that are really up for grabs, at least in my apartment, are sweets. Obviously, if you make a batch of cookies you can’t eat them all by yourself. Right? (well at least you shouldn’t eat them all by yourself!) Usually I’ll make something because I want one piece of something or one cookie. Problemo people. There are leftovers for days sitting on my kitchen counter taunting me! What was the desire for one cookie, turns into one cookie every day until they’re gone. So I did some researching and found…

Desserts for One!

A Cup of Coffee Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mug Cake

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin

Peach Cobbler for One

Nutella Mug Cake

Cheesecake for One

Single Serving Pumpkin Pie

and last but NOT AT ALL LEAST Banana Soft Serve … AKA homemade froyo

I definitely need to try the pumpkin pie recipe out! If you know of any other good single serving recipes out there just holla back!


3 thoughts on “Single Serving Sweets

  1. yumm i want all of this right now! i have two blog post ideas for you. one idea is about that thing that is happening in 61 days! [ps: jb & usher released the christmas song today–check it out, yo] and the second idea is about a certain run taking place saturday morning–think of what a good blog post that could be! i can see it now, “from the treadmill to the canyon!”

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