Hi my name is Abby

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Ok… I realized that I never really fully introduced myself on this blog. I figured that since this was a carry over blog from my last home at Merry Bobbins, it wasn’t necessary, but I have gained “a few” more readers since then, to say the least, and its about time.

My name is Abby, but I am most frequently referred to as Abignale, Gail, Abbler Cadabbler, Abigail, Absicle, the list goes on…. 

I currently have 35 cardigans hanging in my closet – call me Mr. Rogers. Lets add shopaholic to that list as well.

I refer to myself as a 21 year old grandma on a daily basis as I paint my nails more than once a week, enjoy a good episode of the Price is Right, Showtunes, and Sunday evening Masterpiece Theater. I’m usually in bed at a decent hour, I frequently worry about fires caused by dyer lint, and I love the Smucker’s birthday highlights they show in the Today Show (which I’ve watched every morning since I was 7). Yup, I’m pretty much 80.

I have a slight obsession with Disney and Canada. And by slight I mean I’m ready to move to Canada AKA the arctic north, go to maple fests daily, sing O’ Canada from the mountain tops, make friends with beavers and moose, and wear plaid every day of the year. Slight obsession with Disney? I’ve worked at Disney World and will work at Disneyland in January… can’t stop won’t stop. Disney discounts for life!

This week I put on  cheer leading costume and had more fun wearing it for ten minutes than most people would think was normal. To say the least… a hilarious photo shoot ensued. The non-athletic people of the world can have dreams of being talented too right?

Do I play sports? No. Can I play sports? Double no. However, I love eating healthy and exercising. People sometimes freak out when they see me downing these bad boys… Spinach Smoothies

And while I love being healthy, I’m also a self proclaimed foodie and cookie monster. Simply can’t resist a good cookie – my Achilles heel. Let it be known that pumpkin butterscotch chip cookies are divinity. I also love to bake…which doesn’t help my cookie monster tendencies AT ALL!

Traveling is one of my favorite things. I have a hard time staying put in one place. Whenever I’m traveling or on vacation I’m already thinking about the next place I want to go. I’ve been extremely lucky to visit some pretty awesome places.

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Lastly I love movies and music… like alot. It would take me 25 days to listen to all the music I own, according to my iTunes. My life is a constant stream of movie and TV quotes. You’ve got to be around me for a good while to even understand what I’m saying half the time. Example… “Thank yur ladies and gentleman” located at the top of this post comes from the movie You’ve Got Mail. I just couldn’t resist. If a movie quote can be used… it should be used.

Pretty much that’s me in a nutshell. I blog about my mundane life, and hope that you like reading about it.

Sincerely, your new friend – Abby


2 thoughts on “Hi my name is Abby

  1. okayyy this was one of my fav posts! first of all, can we take note of how long and luscious your hair looks in that first picture? and how pretty you are!? and can we also agree that maybe you should have been a cheerleader because you are lookin H O T in that cheer attire!
    also, you forgot “abbster,” because i sometimes call you that. hmm what else was i going to say–ohh yeah! your travel pics are too cute! have you even posted all of those fb? get on that; i want to seee ! lastly, i loveee you ❤ !

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