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I love art history. I went on a study abroad to Europe this past spring; it changed my life. One of the most important things to me is to become a cultured person in this world. I feel like an understanding of art has helped me to become a much more cultured person. Its one of those subjects where I feel like I actually know enough to share. A rarity for sure! Art is connected to world history, literature, folklore, and mythology; and its pretty much one of the loves of my life.

I love Bernini. This sculpture- The Rape of Persephone- is just unreal. The veins, the hair, the hands, and the indentation of the flesh. Its so awesome! Can you even believe this is stone?


I also love…Laocoon

Nike of Somothrace

Michelangelo’s Moses

Three Goddesses

I do also have a soft spot for some of my favorite painters… DAVID – Napoleon Crossing the Alps

This was a monumental moment for me! (NERD ALERT) He painted many versions of this particular painting and I was so glad I got to see one of them. It made that scorching hot bus ride through France with the heat of Hades totally worth it.

Also Vincent Van Gogh… I definitely (NERD ALERT) had a few “moments” while looking at his art up close in person. We went to the fields in Auvers, France where he once painted… I found and small twig resembling a tree and felt like I had to create my own Cyprus Trees piece (Art History nerds will do some insane things every now and again) how did it turn out?

I know… definitely not as good as Vincent’s. I can’t even tell you how much better art looks in person than from a text book page. I got lost in these textured dreamy cool whip clouds for a good five minutes. Just can’t get enough.


I have been taking some sort/kind of Art History or Humanities class for the past four years of my life, and I learn new things every year. I love it so much. I won’t mention any names on here… BUT… I was talking to someone the other day who didn’t know what the name of the Colosseum was. GASP! I know. If I haven’t convinced you that I’m a mega Art History nerd yet… then please… let me give you a personal Art History lesson! Then you’ll know. I also make sure that you’ll leave knowing what the Colosseum looks like. I didn’t even know that was possible… O my lanta!


3 thoughts on “Art History Nerd

  1. jamie comment time! this brought me back to the days of our humanities class togetha! how it miss it. ps: did i tell you that shannon was a speaker at the stake conference i went to on sunday? obvi not my own stake, but still! she mentioned similar art nerd stuff yo !

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