Contest Reminder

Ok just as a reminder I entered these 5 posts into this contest so if you haven’t voted yet… Each post is an individual entry and these are the five posts to vote for

There won’t be any new posts that I’ll need you guys to vote on… these are it. Voting is open till November 18th. There’s a lot of competition and I’d love to have your support. Just FYI Disney Cast Member and Hi my name is Abby are the posts that are doing the best… so if you are lazy… just vote for those two!

Funny fact of the day… I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I don’t mind going to the dentist at all. I do however mind that my mouth is still numb and I have class in almost an hour. Professor please don’t call on me today…. or worse… make me laugh. My smile’s a bit lopsided at the moment. I was going to maybe post a hilarious picture of myself all numbed up… but then I realized I’d regret that in two seconds. Instead, I’ll share that I drank a whole bottle of water upon my return home without spilling a drop on myself… numb lips and all. Americas Got Talent!


One thought on “Contest Reminder

  1. booo i was looking forward to the pic! glad you made it out of the dentist safely.
    on another note, justin bieber. the today show. november 23.

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