This Weekend

I spent my time building legos with a football super-star

Simulating scenes from Disney movies with American Girl dolls

Transforming my neice Brooke into a princess…. or what some may call toddlers and tiaras

Playing with these… not because my nieces and nephews wanted to…but because I wanted to. You don’t understand just how cute they really are. Stuffed animal fetish. So sue me.

Baking and decorating over 130 cupcakes.

Which were made for this event…

Isabella’s blessing

There are now 21 of us in our family. We’re huge! Sunday dinners have turned into mass hysteria. KIDS EVERYWHERE! Not a single dinner goes by without someone spilling their drink all over the table. A family curse. Family member number 22 is either going to be another niece or nephew ………………..or……….. my husband. 22 is my lucky number…sooooo……. just puttin that out there.


5 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. We have you beat! 15 grandkids and 7 adults. I totally understand the craziness. Here’s to lucky 22 and your future husband!

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