Love Story

Love Story. 1970. Starring Ali Mcgraw and Ryan O’neil. I love this movie.

Warning: It’s kinda sad. Ok… it is REALLY sad, but its oh so good. Can’t really say why I like it so much, however  I’m convinced that Ali Mcgraw and my mom were twins in the 70s. Its the perfect time of year to watch it… so do it.

And while your at it, if you’ve never seen What’s up Doc?  (also starring Ryan O’neil along with Barbara Streisand)… you’ve been missing out on one of the funniest movies ever made. I would even venture to say I would sacrifice some Christmas movies (GASP) or even take time out of studying for finals to watch either of these.

This is my last semester… should I really even care about doing well on finals? No. But do I? Yes. It’s in my blood. 14 classes left in my college career! This post doesn’t really have a purpose other than to confess my attraction to the 70s version of Ryan O’neil. Well there you have it, another lad to add to my inappropriate man crush list. What else is new? Keep em comin!


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