Welcome Winter

Normally I despise this season, however I am all about winter this year, and here are the reasons why

  • It has yet to really snow here in provo, which means I haven’t had to walk to campus on a sheet of ice
  • We have not suffered from arctic temperatures (yet)
  • Only 3 more days of walking to campus (and chances of inclement weather are very slim)
  • I get to enjoy a white Christmas here in Utah
  • We now have a wonderful cabin to enjoy the winter splendor in
  • Almond coconut hot chocolate- amazing!!!!
  • I don’t have to endure the ugliest three months of winter- Jan-March- cuz I’ll be in sunny California

I really could not ask for more. This winter will be great because hopefully it will only last for 20 days or so… I can take 20 days of snow. After December 16th, winter can snow all it wants. Snow please wait until then. Please? I’m on a schedule here.

And this may sound super weird… maybe others do it too and I’m not alone… but every winter I sit at the window at least once during a good snow storm and just watch it snow… for like 20 or more minutes. Its fascinating… and my favorite. See, I like snow… only when I’m not forced to go out in it. 😉


One thought on “Welcome Winter

  1. i love sitting and staring at snow for hours at a time! its my absolute favorite.
    also, almond coconut hot chocolate whattt? i need to try this.

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