Can’t Focus and Can’t Wait

Pretty dang positive that by this time next week I will have already said my farewells to Provo. Only one thing is standing in my way… FINALS. I’m trying I really am… but I cannot focus on studying for the life of me! I’m burnt out. “They” said this would happen to me. “They” being every graduated soul in the world. All I can think about is what I will do with my spare time over the winter break.

Morning swims at the cabin, baking cookies, shopping, watching snow fall, Christmas movies, not thinking about school, not thinking about anything!!!!

Also…I will be making this for my new apartment.

These past few weeks/days have been moving like sloths. Just let me graduate!!!! I deserve a cookie. I’m gonna go buy one.

This blog post is a product of procrastination.


One thought on “Can’t Focus and Can’t Wait

  1. ummm, i want that shower curtain! also, i had a cookie that someone baked for our class today and it was delish. chocolate w/ white chocolate chips. i hope you bought that cookie to join me in the indulgence of a tasteful treat! christmas comeeee–16 days !

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