Guilty Pleasure #13

Every year around this particular time (Christmas break) I go through my iCal and update exciting/upcoming events for the next year. What is always included? Movies!

Guilty Pleausure #13: Movie Trailers

It is an extremely sad day when Abby misses the previews at a movie… plus if you show up that late to a movie, that also means you’re totally going to get awful seats. Against two of Abby’s cardinal movie going rules. No. No.

The previews are the best part! I love rating them right off the bat. Its always great when I find a trailer to be completely horrendous/ridiculous and the person sitting next to me wants to see it. That’s a bad sign. Good movie taste is crucial.

So what trailers have convinced me enough to pay to see the real deal in 2012?

Then there are also the movies that haven’t released trailers yet… but I already KNOW I’ll be seeing

This new version of Les Miserables is torturing me… I have to wait a whole year for this baby to come out! They cast one of my favorite people ever to be Marius… Eddie Redmayne

And for kicks here’s a pic of The Hunger Games cast

If I ever had any doubts while reading this book, I now know I’m definitely on team Gale

Of course these aren’t the only movies I’m excited about for the upcoming year… many many more. 2012 is going to rock, and movie theaters are going to make a lot of money from me. I realize this post makes me sound like a total dweeb who pines on the internet waiting for new trailers to be released… but hey… that is why this post is called a guilty pleasure. I don’t cur. Yes. cur. gangsta word for care.

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