So the past few days have been nuts! I’m pretty sure that on Monday I didn’t stop moving once! Hit up the post office, three targets and five bazillion shoe stores. I’ve been packing and unpacking for the past few days but I’m finally settled into my new apartment in downtown Anaheim. Its pretty awesome. I think that you’ll be glad to know that I got the bedroom with only two beds in it as opposed to the room complete with bunked and twin bed. Score! Thats what showing up at 6 am in the morning will get you.

I’ve already met a handful of people from good ole Utah and one of them happens to be one of my roommates! I found out that I’ll be working in guest services at hotels working at the guest service desk, front check-in desk, and answering phone calls. I’m sure I’ll be finding out even more over the next few days. And if I do end up working at the Grand, my costume is completely horrendous. Oh well.

I have some down time so I figured I’d update the ole blog. I’ve got a Disney welcoming party to go to tonight!!! haha it sounds so ridiculous but I’m actually excited about it. Compete with free pizza, dj, and photo booth, oh and we’re supposed to wear our college T-shirt. Totes wearing my Jimmer  shirt. You know….just my way to brag to the guys that I sat next to him in class for a whole semester. I don’t have to tell them that I didn’t know who Jimmer was until almost the end of the semester. We’ll just leave that part of the story out of it.

I’ll be sure to post pics of Disneyland once I get my ID and can play all day in the parks!!!


2 thoughts on “California

  1. Abby,
    You’re so dang cute! ……..and …. you forgot to report on your awesome one day road trip with me. (you know world’s tallest thermometer in Baker and all and name that Van Halen tune)
    Have a great CP experience in CA. Enjoy every single moment and remember, you are always interviewing for your next adventure. Love, Dad

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