Beyond Overwhelmed

This is exactly what I must do to survive the next 8 months of my life. I have never been so overwhelmed/nervous about a job in my life. I now realize that I am most definitely lucky to have received my role in guest services, as it is the most coveted and challenging role the college program has to offer. I’ll be in training for 3 weeks and preparing to know everything under the sun.

On my first day I received a 60+ page binder that I will have to memorize in order to work front desk. Thats front desk alone people!  And let me remind you that front desk is not even the main point of my role… its only a side note. I’m only pulled onto front desk during super busy times for maybe a few hours every few months or so.

I haven’t even begun to train for my actual role in guest services yet which includes phone center, parking lot security/ kiosk, and the actual guest service desk, and potentially up to 20 other tasks.

It’s nuts!!!

I realize that probably nobody cares to read this besides me, but I know that prospective college program applicants do a lot of research about the Disney College Program and its always helpful to find information online. Especially from blogs because they’re first hand.

One thing thats been super crazy about this week is figuring out the differences between Disneyland and World.

In many ways, from an operations perspective, I think Disney World is much better, but I’m trying not to judge Disneyland too harshly!    Disneyland also does have certain aspects that are also better than Disney World. I guess by the end of this program I’ll know which one I prefer overall.

I’m taking everything as it comes, and am finding that I come home from work and study from my binder just to try and figure out what exactly is going on. I know that I’ll love it once I get the hang of things. Sorry this post was just about work. I would blog about fun things… but I haven’t really had any time to do fun things yet. I’ve been having 5 :30 am wake up calls for the past week. Soooo hopefully soon I’ll be able to post a fun disney post instead of a lame overwhelmed work post.

Good thing I’ll have two days off to change that!


One thought on “Beyond Overwhelmed

  1. Aww I loved working front desk! You get to see all the excited families come in for the beginning of their vacation! You also get to give lots of magic moments 😀 Guest Services is an awesome role!!!

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