Instagram Love

Simply put… I’m obsessed with instagram. Instagram & Disney. Nothing could spoil today. Not even locking my keys in my car. Which, yes… did happen to me today for the first time ever. Good thing my new friend Lenny from AAA was there to save me! Anywho…I love love love my new apartment in downtown Anaheim. It’s SO classy. Don’t ya think?

One thing that I love about Disneyland is that Mickey and Minnie are out & about in Town Square. That never happens at World.

I spent last night writing up a bazillion post cards! Could I have mailed them from my apt? Yes. But when you have the opportunity to send your mail from Mainstreet U.S.A everyday… you should really take advantage of that.

This castle may be smaller than World’s… but this one is PINK!!!

And its Sleeping Beauties!

Doing this second program is bringing back so many good memories from my first. Every time I see the word Emporium I literally become so nostalgic. And I constantly feel the need to walk through every gift shop in the park! Something my new friends don’t quite comprehend yet.

I found out that I also get a second complimentary name tag from Disney! I haven’t gotten it yet But I’m thinking I might have my second one say Abigail from SLC, UT. What do you guys think? Good choice?

You can expect a heck of a lot more disney posts to come… food, dessert, merchandise. I’ll cover it all. In fact I’ll take requests! Especially from the 20 people coming to visit me in March! You know who you are!


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