This is too easy

Today I ate lunch at the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street… or as the picture reads “Jolly Holida” bakery. Obviously I’m a pro at taking pictures. 😉 So yep, just ate lunch then left. Didn’t even do anything else in the park. It was perfect. This is the only way that you can work at Disney and also not get sick of it. Take it nice n’easy.

The weathervane gets me every time. I’m obsessed with Mary Poppins. Some girls want to be princesses, I want to be Mary Poppins.

I got a nice chicken waldorf salad sandwich. Of course it was great. But the thing with Disney food, is that sure its great…but great food comes at a hefty price, even with my discount. I guess the view of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is also factored into the bill.

And check out the Matterhorn… covered in scaffolding and under construction for the next 6 months. And yes… I have finally had it confirmed, by good authority, that there is in fact a half basketball court inside. Awesomeness.

Tomorrow I go back to work! I’m sure the next few blog posts will be rants about my embarrassing first experiences from on the job training…I am not excited, but you on the other hand should be.


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