The Suite Life

Be prepared for some “suite” pictures… Lets start with Big Thunder.

Ahem… anyone recognize the faucet above? It just so happens that this very same faucet resides at the Wheatley residence. I found it to be comical. Alan… I hope you appreciate this.

This is the Pirates Suite…

The Adventure Suite…

One of the bedroom’s is literally a tent. Ah-maze-ing.

Three gold stars to anyone who can tell me what kind rock makes up the counter below. I know a certain Mrs. Smith who definitely knows the answer! Yep… Its Tigers Eye. If you don’t know… I used to collect rocks when I was young and Tiger’s Eye just happened to be one of my favorites. Of course I had to document the Tiger’s Eye counter top. This suite was made for me. Also… check out the awesome foot tub below. Yes… a steam room with a tub “soley” dedicated to feet. This post can’t get any more punny.

Lastly… the Disneyland Hotel just underwent major/complete renovations… I love love love the results. The headboard lights up with fireworks and music!

Pretty suite huh? Get it? Sweet. Suite. Ok. Buh Bye Now.


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