The Wheatley’s Have Officially Taken Over!

I’m sure if you follow any of the other Wheatley sisters/family blogs then you already know that there were 20 Wheatley’s invading the Disneyland Resort last week. Let’s just say… it was a blast. And enjoy the photo below… probably the only pic you’ll be seeing of me in costume 😉 Especially as when the kids saw me in they asked if I was going on a mission? Good to know my costume is sister missionary-esque… polyester, shoulder pads, and nylons!!! Woot Woot!

First people into the park, front of the line with intentions to V-line it to Peter Pan… of course we still waited 15-20 min… I’m convinced I’ll never be able to walk onto that ride.

 Disney smiles…

 Pure joy…

Characters galore….


If you haven’t already been eyeing down my niece’s and nephew’s adorable hats… then… here’s a gander

My sister made these adorable hats last minute as the weather during their stay was a bit colder than usual. You wouldn’t find me whipping up something as cute as these last minute, and by last minute I mean making most of these while in line for Its a Small World, Jungle Cruise, Midway Mania, etc! She sells them on Etsy too… check it out!

And here’s the whole gang! Well almost… we’re missing miss Ivy Jane.

And we couldn’t of pulled it all off without these two kids…

Thanks Mama & Papa Wheatley! Trip of a lifetime!


One thought on “The Wheatley’s Have Officially Taken Over!

  1. Pretty sure I am going to have to steal all these pictures from your blog. I love the one of Chica and Taurean, it’s perfect! Jack is very jealous that you get to stay at Disneyland and we had to come home!

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