A Series of Quite Fortunate Events

So some big things have happened in the past few months…

Big thing No. 1… I graduated with my bachelors from BYU. Wahoo. Now I’m a college grad, it seems like the past four years have flown by.

My parents were gracious enough to be my personal photographers as I made them trek all across campus to my favorite spots.

Big thing No. 2… I moved back to Utah. My Disney days are over. It’s sad… but I had to leave NeverNeverLand at some point in my life right? Besides…Utah is bomb.

And as luck would have it… the night before I drove my little four runner back to Utah from California my dad called me in a furry, told me he was booking airfare for his business trip to China right that second… and asked me if he should book one or two tickets. I literally had a few minutes to decide. Most people would’ve immediately said yes yes yes!!!!!!! But for some reason I was overshadowed with guilt… guilt that it looked like I was leaving California to go on this amazing trip to China. However… I quickly convinced myself that this seemingly perfect timing was meant to be and this would probably be my one and only chance to get to go to China.

So big thing No. 3… I went to China

It was amazing, life changing, impressive, delicious, all that good stuff. I’ll have to do a separate blog post all about it. But for now I hope these photos will suffice.


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